Evolutionary Astrology and the Big Picture

I have amazing teachers in Nong Khai, Thailand.

Over the past 10 years I have done various courses with (Beatrix and Pancho), I would highly recommend their courses to anyone wanting to know about the real depths of yoga philosophy and practice). Pancho puts in so much effort into the foundational course for a ridiculously affordable price. Beatrix is an incredible evolutionary astrologer and Healer.

Anyway here is a breakdown of why astrology is so essential to understand on the yoga path. Also, why Reiki really really compliments a yogic lifestyle.

As we know: (or some people may not know yet) everything in the manifest reality INCLUDING ourselves, is vibratory energy. WE ARE JUST ENERGY, vibrating at different frequencies.

There is literally 90% more going on in this cosmos than we are aware of. There are some people who are aware of much more of this 90% than the average person because they are attuned to other frequencies.

Relative to our habits from this lifetime and every other past experience, there is a spot in our own character which is unique to us that determines where we point the spotlight of our own awareness.

Before birth you choose your parents, your country, your place, your body, all of your main lessons and your contracts. You choose the time of your birth exactly and therefore you choose the blueprint of you. This is your astrology chart at birth. Your soul knows what it needs in this lifetime to learn specific lessons, to correct karma and to evolve. Our souls’ purpose is to evolve. Over and over again, life after life, lesson after lesson until eventually we go back to the source or pure consciousness. There is much more going on in this incarnation on earth then ever before. In many yogic traditions the belief is that we evolve from a microbe through plant and animal consciousness until human consciousness and from human consciousness until enlightenment (The higher example of this is the Buddha who attained just this). The Buddha is an example of ultimate evolution from a microbe through to an enlightened soul. Jesus (Well he was thought amongst many, including myself to be an example of involution) (Thats another story for later). Anyway Human consciousness is where the real challenges lie and knowing your blueprint I believe is a huge advantage.

souls that have evolved over time through plant/animal through to human consciousness and are at all different rates of evolution of human consciousness.

Starseed’s and celestials that have involuted from different star systems and original so that they can assist earth and humankind with this great shift of earths ascension.

Evolutionary astrology along with genekey’s and Human design has a lense to gain deeper insight into the evolutionary blueprint of the soul and what the individual is mainly here to do at this time.

But the part I want to focus on is the astrology

Your spiritual body chooses your time of birth, which in turn creates an astrology map of YOU. Twins born at relatively the same time have an almost identical map with the exception of a few degrees, but the confusion here lies in the fact that many Western astrologers do not look at Evolutionary Astrology. Twins can be in very different evolutionary stages. Meaning, one twin could be much more evolved or conscious than the other and therefore the way they use their energies is very different.

For example within every single astrological sign there are light and shadow qualities. (There are in fact light and dark qualities in everything in the manifest universe because without this polarity we can’t actually have a manifest universe at all).

We need friction to create. A lesser evolved Pisces would choose to escape reality more often therefore missing the point of incarnating. With pisces as an example we can sometimes see these examples of avoidance at the victim level of consciousness by escaping reality using drugs and alcohol because Pisces in general finds being on a material plane more difficult than most other signs. However an evolved Pisces will choose constructive ways to use their Pisces energy – such as in spiritual understanding, psychic and intuitive abilities and through artistic measures. (All signs have their spectrum of consciousness and their shadows and highest expressions.

When we are aware of ourselves, we start to shine the spotlight of our own awareness in many more places and we eventually start to move towards vibratory harmony.

Beatrix likes to explain it like this: “Your astrology chart is your own mandala, including the fingerprints of your soul. A mandala itself is a sacred space.”

Knowing about your own mandala for me is important also for the yogic practices that are most specific for the individual journey.