Kind words/ Testimonials

“Shae is a beautiful soul with a wonderful ability to read and translate astrology charts in a way that’s both engaging and also easy to understand. The effortlessness in making sense of my chart and the wonderful delivery of the message on audio USB was life changing and one of the most profound steps in my spiritual journey. Shae helped me to understand myself, and my spirit, in way I haven’t been able to do before. She accurately described the key characteristics of my personality, what influences my behaviour and motivation and why, and most importantly highlighted a transitional period in my life I was actually already beginning to go through – just as my chart had indicated. I have listened to my reading many times now and have applied this knowledge actively in my day to day life. I highly recommend (and actively do so to others!) an astrology reading with Shae…it is one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself, and I can say that with complete honesty.” Kasia (Kasia’s Astrology reading was delivered via Recording)

“I’m 39 and after some dramatic life changes, I have started to focus on spiritual and energy aspects to try to enhance my quality of life and connections with people, nature and the universe. I am just starting to learn astrology and decided to ask Shae for a reading. I was a little blown away by how amazing it was and the connection Shae has with universal energies and evolutionary philosophies. I really appreciated the way that Shae explained how evolutionary philosophy works rather than diving in to a mundane reading of the “stars” as some others do. Shae’s reading helped me to learn more about myself and the positive influences in my life, and areas I can focus on and grow. I cant wait to listen to it again! Thanks Shae! Hopefully I can touch base with you again in 12 months!” Sally. (Sally’s Astrology reading was delivered via recording).

“Rikki Anne on her Composite (couple’s reading). There has been a massive shift in my relationship with my partner since the work Shae did on our composite chart. With a deepened understanding of where our souls came from and what they desire to create together in this lifetime we both seemed to have relaxed into the knowing that we might have felt before but now somehow more embodied. Thank you Shae for your compassionate and articulate reading – your wisdom and insight is incredibly valuable and I will keep recommending your service to everyone.” Rikki (Rikki’s Astrology reading was in person.

“I absolutely loved hearing your recording of my own astrology chart and am getting a lot out of it. I feel it’s going to take a while to unpack, so I’ll revisit this reading from time to time. The whole Cancer South node thing really makes sense – I’ve always been drawn to water and it’s a therapy for me to be in it – swimming, taking baths, ocean swims. I thought being a Taurus Sun that I was such an earth creature and wondered what my connection to water was. It really makes sense. The capricorn aspect also speaks to me – so much of a sense of order and responsibility and needing to do everything with strong foundations. Also hearing your reading for my wonderful sister Michele was just so powerful, I found it very deep and intuitive, and so healing. Overall your readings helped me to see the connection in our charts and to validate what I really knew. The composite Scorpio connection really makes sense – I felt her stuff and she knew my stuff too. I didn’t really want to hide from her because she was accepting and kind and her open vulnerability was so engaging and made me feel quite safe to be me.” Treena.

“I have just had my first astrology chart reading with Shae. I was really excited because I had been hearing how great her readings were and I wasn’t disappointed. The insight Shae shared was soo accurate and reassuring. It confirmed many things but also served as a reminder to connect to spirit more then intellect. Even in the one week since receiving my reading i feel lighter and more clear about those things that bring me happiness. I didn’t realise that there was so much to be learnt from the different nodes so i loved hearing about that. it made me think about how complex our souls are and how each of us has a unique Astro chart and such intricate reasons for our being. It really makes the concept of unconditional love seem so much closer to grasp knowing that. Like if we could understand ourselves then it is so natural to understand others. I really enjoyed my reading with Shae. Thank you.” Aimee (Aimee’s Astrology reading was delivered via Recording )

“Shae recently done a birth chart reading on my baby girl and it was amazing. The way Shae translates everything made it easy to understand. I loved how it was done for me on Audio, that way I can listen to it anywhere and keep going back to it for years to come. The reading will help me to understand by baby Lola on a deeper level and will help me to guide her on her path as she grows. Shae’s passion, dedication and knowledge is like no other. She is truly gifted at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Shae I will be forever grateful It was such a beautiful reading and extremely special. Much Love.” Garilee (Garilee’s astrology reading was delivered via Recording.

Oh, What an incredible experience that was listening to the reading, Im sitting here laughing, crying and in absolute amazement and such gratitute to you. As you ever so gently, uncovered some of my layers in the past lifetimes and the present. I could feel you seeing me. So beautiful, I feel truly honoured that you did my reading, and that I found my way to you, for this to happen.. Thankyou for speaking, with such love and care. This experience is such a wonderful blessing to me.

Allison. (Evolutionary Astrology/ Genekeys, via recording).

“This was my first astrological chart reading. When Shae explained my chart to me it made so much sense and was extremely accurate. It helped me to take a breath on my life and do some re-organising and now I feel that I am moving forward again in my life. Thank you Shae.” Belinda (Belinda’s Astrology reading was delivered via recording)

“Shae, you have a very special talent for taking esoteric knowledge and making it super understandable.” Daniel Wilson (Daniel’s Astrology reading was face to face)

“Thankyou! I can’t tell you how much it has meant to sit and talk with you. The type of openness and conversation I’ve been yearning for, for a long time. Do you think you would have the space to teach me more? Whatever more is? Jason Parsons (Jason’s Astrology reading was in person face to face).

Your reading was profound….. in so many ways. I love you so very much and am so grateful for all that you are.” Courtney Fox (Courtney’s Astrology reading was delivered via Recording and another time in transit in person face to face).

“Thankyou So much for your reading Shae, Pretty much everything you said struck a cord deep within” Bridgette Thebus. (Bridgette’s Astrology reading was delivered via recording).

I received the Astrology reading from Shae, which gave me huge amounts of insights about how to approach my life path with ease and grace. Shae’s in-depth knowledge of Astrology and Gene Keys is why I highly recommend her. She made the session fun and full of information for me to take away and integrate. I have already recommended her to others and will continue to do so for those looking to understand themselves and how to optimize their soul’s path on a deeper level. – Cherie Manning, QLD (Cherie’s Astrology reading was delivered via Zoom).

Hi Shae, I have just listened to my Astrology reading and I actually don’t even know what to say except I feel like you have taken an actual look into my soul and described me perfectly. Ive taken notes and will also look into the gene keys but everything you have mentioned in the evolutionary Astrology reading was 100% spot on! Feels like you know met better then I know myself and we haven’t met. You are an amazing source of knowledge and I recognise the special work that you do and I will absolutely put into practice the things that you have suggested, as I know that they will work for me. THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart. Dani Roma, (Via Recording).

I am already in tears and I am only 2 minutes and there are tears. I don’t cry so easily, unless really touched emotionally, Thankyou already. Rebecca Roper (Via Recording).

Then a text from my beautiful Friend who recommended my astrology readings to her friend:

They wrote:

I want to share this feedback with you as feedback is soo important and you must never underestimate yourself and the gift that you have is extremely special. Garilee O’Daniel

and Rebecca Roper back to Garilee:

Who is this amazing woman? it felt like she is speaking directly to my soul.

I have just recieved and listened to the reading. You made me cry. Holy Crap that was full on! Just Amazing your gift is AHHH Mazing.

Thankyou Jess James, WA

Hi Shae, Im partaking in the Shakti Course run by Holliea and Id just like to say thankyou for taking the time to do my reading. I really resonated with what you had to say and I didn’t expect it to be as in-depth or as long as it was, so thankyou. Love to you

Alana Rowland, NSW

To be completely seen, honoured and understood by beautiful Shae, someone I have never met – was one of the most intimate experiences of my life. Shae’s reading made my life purpose very clear to me and this confirmation has shifted a constant doubt I experience, to a sense of acceptance, inspiration and knowing. Its hard to describe in words the deep impact this has had, but Shae thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to following your journey xxx
Samantha Moran, WA

This was absolutely EPIC,

Hannah Tetlo.

Hi Shae, I have now listened to both parts of your reading. I actually dont know what to say except I actually feel like you have taken an actual look into my soul and described me perfectly. Ive taken notes and will have a further look into the genekeys transmissions but everything you said was 100% spot on. Feels like you know me better then i know myself. You are an amazing source of knowledge and I recognise the special work that you do and will absolutely put into practice the things you have suggested as I know they will work for me. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Danni Roma, Reading via recording.

Wow Shae you made me cry and Ill be gifting some special people in my life with your readings. You have an amazing gift.

Luke Connars, NSW (reading in person).

Your Talent is absolutely Amazing. Your phenominal and I have been around in this circle for a long while. You have something Amazing with your gifts.

Natasha McElwaine. , Reading via Recording and Zoom.

OMG! I’m blushing. I had tears in my eyes during your reading. OMG. Be proud Shae

John Miles, Reading via recording.

Thankyou for holding a sacred space, I felt fully supported, I felt you intuitively along the journey and felt safe with knowing you knew what you were doing. Its a big process to undertake and a lot is uncovered. I have gained insights with my dreams and used the prayer that you gave me.

I will be highly recommending to those who are ready for this type of healing.

Kristie Wagstaff (Crystal dreaming, Sharmanic Journey).

Im so blown away by how accurate this is, down to the tiniest of detail. Ive never encountered anything thus far so complete in its entirety. I’m so grateful for your gift and Service. Thankyou

And, later

Thank you Shae. The unfolding taking place is beyond words 🥰 xxx

Bronwyn Legg, (Evolutionary Astrology, human design and genekeys package).

That Crystal dreaming session, changed my goddamn world.

Izzybeessoulremedies. (Crystal dreaming, Sharmanic Journey).

(Last part of message as the rest is personal) I Just Looooovve your voice and the way you communicate the message across. You Truly are such a gift and Im Sooo grateful.

Brydie Casserly, WA (Evolutionary Astrology/ Genekeys recording).

Hey Shae, just wanted to message you – I’m halfway through!! Loving it, and wanted to say thank you, and there’s so many moments when I’ve felt so full of love and appreciation, so many moments when I’ve smiled and talked back to you. Thank you for being you and sharing your gifts. I can’t wait to listen to the next installment. 🙏🏼💐

Abbie Jones, WA, recorded reading

I had an amazing zoom reading with Shae, that covered gene keys, evolutionary astrology and human design, all of which I find fascinating! My reading was very well balanced between the tree modalities. Shaes extensive, innate wisdom and knowledge interweaves so many aspects together with ease and grace. I had a beautiful combination of confirmations about myself, which I wasn’t fully trusting yet and new information to sit with and integrate. For me it confirmed and clarified a lot of why I am here and why I feel or long for the aspects in this life that I do. I highly recommend a reading from Shae if are self motivated to evolve and embody your purpose or if your heart is curious about these modalities. Integration however may not be as fun as the reading, my physical body had quite an upgrade the next day!! I made notes throughout the session which when I feeling a bit lost or discombobulated I read over and it brings me home to my centre again. Thankyou so much Shae for the wonderful gifts that you have and share.

Georgina Curnow, NZ. 2 hr Zoom reading

When I decided I wanted to experience a past life Recall (Crystal Dreaming)session, I knew I needed to do it with someone who spoke my language. Having previously worked with Shae I knew I wanted her to be the one to facilitate the process. Shae has a beautiful way with easing you in and supporting you with the journey you take, wherever that may be!

She is an amazing facilitator and held the sacred space so beautifully. I feel privileged to have worked with her and would recommend her to anyone wanting to take the leap. Thankyou again Shae, ill be back for more xxx

Bronwyn Legg, NSW, Crystal Dreaming Journey.


Hey Shae, I have really not stopped thinking about your session. I really loved it and left on such a high. It was so very life affirming. At a time in my life when I feel so disconnected to myself and so far away from the things that bring me joy and just light me up you were able to connect with with how important those things really are to me and that they really do feed my soul and are a huge part of me.

You were like a kind friend looking right into my soul and saying “hey, I see you! You are amazing and the is how and why” and yet we hadn’t ever met before. 

The space in the caravan was absolutely beautiful! and your attention to care was amazing. I truly felt safe and held. 

I can’t wait for my next session. Just really wanted to send you my heartfelt thanks and some insight into the impact of our session and what it meant to me. 

Thanks Jess Gaynor. Astrology/genekeys/Human design in person birth reading. 

Shae’s readings have saved my life, AND my clients! Her ability to read your unique Astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys is a trinity of absolute RELIEF when you understand yourself on such a deep level! It brings so much RELIEF to your journey, struggles, patterns and WHY you’re here, WHAT you’re here for HOW to implement it! Also, her ancient wisdom pieces it all together. Instead of feeling like there’s something wrong with you, or you’re going insane, she allows you to fully claim your power and be proud of how truly magical you are!🙏✨😘

Brooke Bliss, Ballarat Victoria