Past Life Regression

Soul Retrieval and Journeying

2 hrs

Crystal Dreaming will bring clarity of purpose by activating your Divine mission, blueprint or life plan. Crystal Dreaming frequently leads to a full embodiment of past life skills and a blissful reconnection with the Divine. One session can achieve this.

Crystal Dreaming is the newest edition to my offerings (Jan, 2022). Being an Evolutionary Astrologer for over a decade now, I was seeing the skipped step fractures and trauma SIGNATURE’s that show up In Astrology charts and naturally past lives would reveal themselves in peoples Astrology blueprints. Past life recall and soul RETRIEVAL, along with calling in our mastery and gifts was something that became known to me during Astrology sessions. Therefore if could help clients to become aware of traumas or contracts that needed to be resolved and healed and help them to draw back their soul and power that had been fractured with traumas or unresolved contracts and negative programming then this would immensely help these clients, to use their knowing of their divine blueprint. I knew it would also assist them in seeing for themselves their Gifts, not only through their astrological blueprint and Gene key’s but through their own past life recall. One of the biggest things that was missing from the amazing wisdom of knowing their astrological blueprint was still the lingering challenge of how to overcome power-loss or negative re-acurring patterns that were still playing out in their lives and blocking them from living their higher potential. So when I was called to do crystal Dreaming Training with Raym Richards(the Master),then I knew this would be incredibly empowering addition to my services. So I decided to train with the Master Shaman Raym Richards to add this incredible modality to my offerings.

The laying on of stones is an ancient Healing Art practiced by the Mayans, Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans.

Crystal quartz is silicon dioxide the most common mineral compound on Earth is also found in small quantities throughout our body, hence the affinity or resonance between our own molecular structure and crystals. When crystals are placed on the body the healing process is stimulated from within.
By placing crystals around the crown creating a particular pattern or mandala, it is possible to focus Divine Energy, opening the pineal gland and triggering the shift in consciousness of your client into an “altered state.” After clearing negative energies and entities or unresolved contracts and unresolved traumas that have been stored in the cellular memory of the body, so that the client can heal and bring back lost power  then it is possible to experience a profound state of oneness and bliss.
These advanced techniques enable you to guide your client to a fully conscious reconnection with the never ending now in which our higher selves exist in a state of constant bliss. You may recall ancient past life abilities, clear Karma, open clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience during your session.