I offer various types of readings: Birth Chart Analysis Reading (Using evolutionary astrology methods, Quantum and Traditional Human design and Genekeys teachings), Transit Readings also known as Forecast readings also using evolutionary Astrology, and Human Design methods, and Composite and Synastry techniques through evolutionary Astrology and Human Design . Each can be done via the following methods:

1. A recording (This method is best for people who live in a different time zone to me or who are busy working during the day. 90 mins

2. Face to face (Where you would come to my house if you live nearby). 2hrs

3. Zoom Reading: 2hrs

I also offer full Astrology packages which are 6hrs in duration spread over 3 consecutive sessions where each session individualises Evolutionary Astrology/Human Design and Genekeys readings.

NOTE: I am Also A Gene keys guide: The Gene keys are the work of Richard Rudd, using the original i-ching. Our Gene keys are are the Astrological blueprint Codes of our DNA. At the end of an Evolutionary Birth reading with Myself I include the information about your main gene keys. If you are wanting to Search Richard Rudd’s work with the Gene keys then you can use my affiliates link: I have added the link to the Gene keys on my extra pages.

I also Offer Crystal Dreaming in person and via distance as an advanced technique. 

Crystal Dreaming is a Shamanic Journey designed to heal trapped trauma in the body, heal unresolved contracts and to bring in the Power and Mastery of the individuals soul blueprint into alignment. Soul Retrieval and meeting the higher self and spirit team.