Exciting News: For years people have asked me if I have a way of working with healing some past life re-occuring patterns which In Evolutionary Astrology shows up in their (South Node or skipped Steps).

I now have a direct way of helping people who have a reoccurring pattern or something blocking them from aligning to their highest potential and divine blueprint. Raym’s More recent method of journeying which he created as ‘Express Crystal Dreaming’, is available and it can be delivered via Zoom. My Sessions are 1hr in Duration and delivered Via Zoom or in person.

The 1hr sessions are currently $150AUD.

This Below is a Description from Raym: But with my Sessions they are usually 1hr which Includes journeying to one main past life (if there is a major trauma or pattern that is showing up or blocking a person in this current life that needs to be first cleared). Followed by the normal express experiences written by Raym Below:

Please watch my video for more information on the different Crystal Dreaming offerings and how they work.

Crystal Dreaming® E X P R E S S

Sitting in a unique circular mandala of crystals your Crystal Dreaming® E X P R E S S practitioner will facilitate a rapid shift in consciousness so that you may access a state of absolute Bliss and Unity Consciousness. Once this level of consciousness is experienced first-hand your perception of your life on this plane will change positively and dramatically.
The Crystal Dreaming® E X P R E S S technique enables anybody to have a profound, conscious connection with their I AM presence or Higher Self within twenty minutes. All that is needed is an open mind and an open heart.
With these simple pre-requisites it is possible for anyone to access a profound state of Oneness with the Universe and All There Is. In this limitless state of consciousness we become aware of all that we are and our inter-connectedness with all beings across all time/space.

The E X P R E S S technique, may be used to bypass any potential blocks to enlightenment and access to Unity Consciousness. This bypassing enables anybody, without any training, to access a profoundly expanded state of consciousness that in the past may have taken many years of meditation and Esoteric practice. This expanded state of consciousness is accessed without the risks that may accompany accessing altered states through ingesting plant medicines or psychedelics.
This inherent human ability may be unlocked safely through the Crystal Dreaming® E X P R E S S technique and requires no prior knowledge, training or preparation.

All Crystal Dreaming®

You may explore the following:
• Merging with your I AM presence.
• The cause of repeated injuries or conditions that refuse treatment
• Release negative patterns
• Trauma location and release
• Access Akashic records
• Activate dormant 12 strand DNA
• Dissolve all limiting contracts and agreements
• Deal with Spirit attachment and negative energy
• Locate and release past life trauma
• Reclaim past life skills and ancient wisdom
• Psychic clearing
• Spiritual detox
• Ghost busting
• Spiritual breakthrough
• Meet your Spiritual Guides, Teachers and Masters
• Clear or alleviate Karma
• Activate your blueprint or life plan