7 Week Exploration of Genekeys Activation Sequence Course and the Nodal Axis

Includes: The Activation Course Via the Genekeys: Valued at $150US

Plus 7 Weeks of 90 min Zoom Sessions in Small Groups of 7.

The 7 weeks are broken down so that the first 4 weeks you share your own 4 Genekeys 1 by 1 through the Golden Path Activation course: with my guidance:. Followed by the final 3 weeks exploring your own person nodal Axis. Note:

I am a Genekeys Guide as well as Evolutionary Astrologer and have over a decade of Vast experience as an Evolutionary astrologer; along with doing hundreds and hundreds of readings for people for over a decade. Note: The nodal Axis is not a teaching that is through the Genkeys as it is not yet in the Hologenetic profile by Richard Rudd. So that part of the Course is using my own specialty as an Evolutionary astrologer along with the Teachings of the 64 Ways from the Genekeys lense.