There is so much for me to say at this point of the Great Awakening of humanity:

I have been an astrologer, actively practicing for the past 11 years in this life, and in many prior lifetimes across various settings and eras. Astrology is now becoming increasingly popular as we unlock dormant memories in our DNA and begin to recall the magic of the intelligence of consciousness that permeates the fabric of the universe, reigniting our spirits. My readings combine Evolutionary Astrology, Gene Keys, and Human Design, enabling me to delve deeply into your soul blueprint and the codes of your DNA.


I am also a Shamanic Crystal Dreaming Certified Practitioner, offering space for you to journey to resolve unresolved past life contracts, heal past life traumas, conduct Soul Retrieval, Power retrieval, and therefore heal and realign your divine blueprint. I can facilitate these sessions both in person and via distance. For inquiries, please contact hello@astrohealing.com.au or sfairleigh@hotmail.com.

The combination of these powerful modalities—Evolutionary Astrology/Genekeys and Shamanic Journeying—allows one to delve deeply into their blueprint.