Virgo: To be of selfless service.

Mythology using the story of the Temple priestesses:

My Yoga Teacher Beatrix Schilcher has taught me evolutionary astrology using mythology to identify the archetypes. Within the stories of mythology we see the lessons along with the traps and obstacles related to each sign.

For anyone with a lot of Virgo energy. (i.e.: Especially if virgo is your South Node or sun or moon sign then this one is for you:

When we existed in the Matriarchy the virgo’s (among other roles), were the sacred prostitutes. Their job was to initiate men into the art of love in a spiritual way. They would do this because they had already worked on themselves and were already married to god and connected to the divine. So they could initiate men into the art of love and help open the heart chakras of Men. They were happy to do this work because they knew being married to the divine was of ultimate importance, and because of this they had high regard for their service. (Service is very important to the virgo archetype).

At the turn of the times into the beginning of the patriarchy, this all changed. The beginning of the patriarchal distortion is said to be a distortion of Catholic religion.

Note: The Matriarchy is when we are god, we see the divinity within ourselves and everything in the manifest world is an expression of divinity and our spiritual essence is not hidden.  God is expressed through creation. Nature and all living things. The laws of the times are natural laws that are not made up by man, but rather are in nature.

The Patriarchy: The patriarchy is represented by a god external to ourselves. A god that we need to follow his rules otherwise we are sinners. The sins  are interpreted by Man who basically can only interpret them at his own level of awareness at the time.

Many people will testify that the beginning of the patriarchy began with religious laws: Now with a god  thats external there was a list of sins. Here the sacred prostitute is now a prostitute who is no longer regarded for her services because now she is being told that a prostitute is a sinner and a dirty person. This guilt consciousness runs deep in the psyche of the virgo archetype.

As we move back into the new matriarchy now its time to purge this guilt consciousness which no longer will service us but will only continue to hold us back from our true spiritual nature.

Virgo’s get the label of self critical and critical of everything. Nagging for perfection. This is true to the surface but ultimately they are searching for inner perfection back to divine love, wholeness and perfection. So whenever they find a flaw they put their finger in it to point out its fault, because they want wholeness.

Underneath the Virgo’s critical nature lies a very spiritual nature that even they are sometimes not usually consciously aware of.